Being right, doing the right thing, and living an honest life, all these may have different meanings from one another but they are precious and worthwhile values we must always keep in our mind, and are the most fundamental virtues we must have as elements to form a community for both individuals and companies. Bumjim values justification, rather than immediate gains, and introspective self-righteousness is the spirit of the company in that it seeks to contribute in the society and community through demonstrating the right thing.

  Sincerity means care and truthfulness comprising kindness, delicacy, passion, customer respect, customer serving, love, consideration, interest, diligence, and efforts, which are emphasized in actual execution, and they are Bumjin's code of conduct.

  Harmoniousness is not for the purpose of creating synergy of a company, but is rather naturally born by appreciating and thanking people around us, our parents, sibling, friends, teachers and neighbors. It is the goal that Bumjim pursues internally so as to naturally create warm emotions whenever we conjure up our coworkers

  To win the trust, one must refrain from being full of arrogance due to subjective righteousness and sincerity but always listen to objective assessment. If everyone praises highly of you, you should not be content or swayed but rather reflect yourself whether there is any insufficiency and maintain humbleness, which is the external goal of Bumjin.